Project Management

Bringing a project execution phase together under one delivery strategy, team and goal is becoming more complex with the interface management being at the forefront of offshore risk and operational management. 

The complex supply chain in an offshore project requires a multi-disciplined team. This team must have operational experience and skill to build out a strong understanding for the delivery of a successful project and manage the interfaces to remove the risk of a multi-faceted project. Offshore Consult provides experienced engineers and management, with the depth of knowledge our customers can reply upon.

No matter how large or small the initiative, project delivery can be costly and time consuming without the right strategy. At Offshore Consult we excel in delivering tailored project and program management for both modest or very large, complex initiatives. We can also help our customers and partners grow confidence in their operations by connecting them with the right expertise and resources, that are required to deliver projects on time and in budget.

From strategic advice on project methodology, benefits and integration to value management, consultancy engagement and coordination, Offshore Consult can act as a trusted project management advisor to your organisation, or as a fully-embedded member of your delivery team.

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